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Half a year has passed quickly and the anticipation was great. Off to the Baltic Sea, off to Hohwacht!
Again, some new colleagues were welcomed and the joy of seeing everyone again was great. Just talking and having time is always nice and in this environment everybody gets along immediately.

The agenda was extensive and interesting. Facts and figures were presented, new projects but also topics about AI were not missing.

While at the last meeting we had the ASB visiting on the topic of "First Aider Training", this time there was a presentation on "Conflict Communication" and "Stress Management". The lecture held by our external speaker Dr. Andrea Friedrich was very interesting and entertaining for all. A perfect change.

The agenda also included a number of items that not only concerned our core activities, but also topics that are intended to continuously improve the internal organization and cooperation. The discussions were held in teams of people and the results were then presented together.

Recreation was never neglected at this meeting. The weather was fantastic and the one or other meeting was moved to the beach chair without further ado.

In addition to the existing job bike offer, the 49 Euro ticket is now also offered. Furthermore, it was decided that every employee over the age of 50 can take advantage of a thorough health check every 2 years. The costs for this are covered by STELACON.

As every time in the Genueser Schiff, we were fed excellently in the morning, at noon and in the evening. Every wish was fulfilled, if at all possible.

After the common dinner everybody let the day end according to desire and mood. Whether it was a card game, a walk along the coast, soccer, karaoke or simply enjoying the tranquility of the sea. There was something for everyone. Of course, the management had to pick up the guitar this time as well.... The evenings were long, there was talking, laughing, singing and sometimes dancing.

Unfortunately, the time went by much too fast, but after Hohwacht is before Hohwacht and anticipation is known to be the best joy. Bye until next time!