Stelacon - Brücke

SAP Consulting & Development, Competent and Flexible

Regardless of industrial sector or vertical integration, manufacturing companies with mechanical production face a consistent challenge: They must ensure that their logistics processes are sustainable and economical while being well-integrated with all SAP components.

These processes have to be flexible and scalable due to statutory regulations as well as a variety of national and international trading conditions.

Integral features that guarantee integrated manufacturing logistics include planning for material requirements, capacity, production, and program planning as well as serial production and Kanban manufacturing.

We rely on our fundamental and profound cross module and interbranch knowledge to meet and solve the challenges you face.


With our extensive project experience, we offer you applied solutions using the SAP Standard for the following topics:

  • Production Planning (PP)
  • Variant Configuration (VC)
  • Repetitive Manufacturing (PP-REM)

Furthermore, we will support you in implementing your specific requirements to achieve the SAP standard. Problem solving is at the forefront of what we do.

Our Portfolio:

Master Data
  • Material Master
  • Bill of Materials
  • Production Versions
  • Work Centers
  • Routings
  • Classes / Characteristics / Object dependencies
  • Forms (SMARTFORMS, SAPScript & Adobe)
  • Activities
  • Production Resources
  • Equipment
  • Serial Numbers
  • Batch Management
  • Planned Orders
  • Independent Demands
  • Transactional Data
  • Inspection Lot Management
  • Handling Unit Management
  • Requirement Classes
  • Planning Strategy
  • MRP Groups
  • Special Procurement Types
Manufacturing Processes
  • Production Versions
  • Repetitive Manufacturing
  • Scheduling
  • Confirmation of Transactional Data
Production Planning
  • MRP
  • Material Planning (plan driven, consumption driven, prognosis)
  • Availability Check (ATP)
  • Subcontracting
  • Assembly Processing
  • MRP Areas
  • Lot Size Method
  • Forecast Requirements
  • Forecast (Characteristics-based forecast)
  • Clearing
  • Mass Change Functions
  • Program Planning
  • Long-term Planning
  • Staging / Consignment


We are particularly able to give strong support due to our extensive project experience in the following areas:

Interfaces to SAP und Non-SAP Systems
  • Implementation of end-to-end processes
  • Integration of transport, inventory management, warehouse management and control stations systems
  • Linking of external partners and their SAP or non-SAP systems
Implementation of Complex Organizational Structures in SAP
  • Mapping i.e. transitioning organizational procedures and processes across modules
  • Incorporating intercompany master data and reporting requirements
  • Integration with other SAP modules (accounting, controlling, etc.)
  • Defining organizational structures as a template (international rollouts)
  • Reorganization and optimization of existing organizational structures
Intercompany (Cross-Company)
  • Demand settlement
  • Stock transfer between plants
  • Production/withdrawal in other plants
Variant Configuration
  • Variant configuration order BoM
  • Variant configuration Plan-/Production order
  • Multi-level type matching through substitution of the maximal BoM via variants
  • Automated creations of material variants including all needed master data (Bill of material, routing and calculation of building components.)
System Landscape Optimization

System Landscape Optimization projects (migrations, conversions and harmonization) with a focus on manufacturing logistics.