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XInvoice is an XML-based data model that serves as a standard for electronic invoices and is used in particular for invoice exchange with public sector customers in Germany. From the end of November 2020, for example, federal suppliers will be obliged to issue invoices in electronic form.

Together with our partner ecosio, we have implemented the sending of invoices as Xinvoices from an SAP ERP system as part of a customer project.

In the process, an idoc is generated during invoicing, which can be sent as an Xinvoice together with attachments via the IDoc monitor WLF_IDOC. The WLF_IDOC enhancements make work easier for users, e.g. by directly displaying the billing document or sending it with or without customer-defined additional checks.

The invoice IDoc is sent to ecosio using an HTTPS request, which ensures that it is correctly forwarded to all possible Xinvoice customers:

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