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Personnel Management with Increasing Demands

The scope and complexity of personnel management for companies has been increasing over the last several years. 

Due to fast-changing requirements, effective support is essential. Especially in regard to legal changes or adjustments to the structure of companies, quick action is necessary so that processes for managers and employees can be set up efficiently.

Cross Module Solutions to Increase Efficiency

We offer you cross module knowledge in all sectors of personnel management as well as professional support for all core personnel processes.

We competently and reliably assist you in the development and implementation of individual solutions. We focus on the long-term approach of implemented solutions as this plays a major role.

Thanks to our extended project experience, we offer our customers standard and individual solutions and services in the following core personnel processes:

Personnel Master Data
  • Processing of data input tailored to your organization (personnel action) i.e. dynamic action
  • Minimizing workload of the HR department through services such as ESS/MSS (Employee-Self-Service/Manager-Self-Service)
  • Management of all personnel data in one system (standard or customer info types)
  • Restricted display i.e. maintenance authorization depending on the area of responsibility
Organizational Management
  • Complete mapping of the hierarchy and functional structure of the customer's organization
  • Task assignment to corresponding objects like position, job or employee
  • Basics for approval workflows
Payroll Processing
  • Mapping of all payroll processes
  • Output of remuneration statements
  • Communication with financial authorities and health insurance companies via automated reporting procedures (ELStAM, DEÜV, EEL…)
  • Transfer to finance module, external transfers
Time Management
  • Recording of working times via ESS/MSS, CATS (Cross-Application-Timesheet), TMW (Time Managers Workplace) or interface integration to external time recording systems
  • Integration of payroll; automatic valuation and payment of surcharges and allowances possible
  • Individual adjustments of time evaluation schema to customer requirements



As systems grow, new features and functions appear, which increase the amount of necessary authorizations. This can often cause unwanted side effects.

We analyze existing authorizations and help you make adjustments or even reorganize your authorization scheme.

Individual System Adjustments

Due to legal or internal changes, system adjustments are inevitable. Below you will find a list of the most common topics, in which we provide support regarding design and adjustment:

Examples of Individual System Adjustments
  • Development of individual customer reports
  • Interfaces to non-SAP systems for feeder and downstream processes
  • Adjustment and development of forms (SAPScript/Smartforms/Adobe Interactive Forms)
  • Assistance regarding support packages / change of fiscal year
  • Handling of HR special cases